I have fallen off. BADLY! You know how the old folks say, if your friend jumps off a bridge, will you. Let me just tell you…. I jumped and took a few people with me! No shame. But I probably should be. 💁🏽‍♀️ There was a time when I worked out 2 and 3 times a day. Some might say I over trained. (I don’t believe you can over train when you are overweight, but what do I know.) But I fell off. My aunt died. Depression roared it’s ugly head. I ate horrible! It tasted good, but it wasn’t good for me. Laziness over took me. And I fell…. headfirst into everything that was not workout related.

But today, I MIGHT be making a comeback. Today I attended a kickboxing class. Last time I attended this class was 7 years ago. IT KICKED MY WHOLE ASS!  Big puddles of sweat. I died and came back. And died again. Can’t say I enjoyed it but it felt good to release some frustration onto the bag. My plan is to come back. My plan is to keep coming back until I am back to the Diva Kie I remember. The one who schedules her life around her workouts and not the one who makes excuses not to do them. 

Kickboxing – 1, Diva Kie – 0. 

This sport has a lifetime of rounds, and I plan on winning.

Categories: Diva Kie Runs

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